Our Company

Gary Price, owner of Auto Styles, first started in 1986 in a mobile truck servicing the Inland Empire. As Auto Styles grew, so did the need for more adequate facilities. The decision was made to rent a 1000 sq. ft. warehouse to better serve his customers. At that time most of the Auto Styles customers where dealerships and the clientele base was growing. Soon there were 2, 3, then 4 warehouses rented. It was becoming apparent that Auto Styles had again out grew its confines. In 1991 those became to small and Auto Styles purchased their own building near the Riverside Auction and Riverside Airport. Once more Auto Styles found itself restricted by its facilities and was forced In 1998 to move into the building next door to accommodate its growth.

For over 15 years now Auto Styles has produced the quality craftsmanship expected by today’s top dealerships. We have built a strong reputation for superiority and quality and continue to do so with every vehicle that rolls out of the Auto Styles building.

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